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What is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan is an individualized written plan of action that is designed to help reduce the risk of further victimization. A person can have many individualized safety plans and each can focus on a different aspect of their life. For example a victim may have the following types of safety plans, such as; Safety at Home, Safety at Work, Keeping my Children Safe, etc.

What is Safety Planning?

Safety planning is an active process where each individual safety plan created requires ongoing review and revision as situations and risks influencing your safety or your children’s safety can change at any time.

What is Cyber Safety?

Cyber Safety is knowing that they are certain safety risks when using the internet. While the internet is a wonderful tool to gather information, learn from others and to connect with family and friends, it can also be very dangerous place where predators seek out the vulnerable to cause anything from financial, emotional to physical harm.  

Learning the risks and utilizing the tools to keep you and your loved ones safe on the internet is the first step to being Cyber Safe.

Click here to watch a video on Cyber Safety Planning by Victim Services Quinte. 

How can Victim Services help?

Victim Services offers safety planning and cyber safety resources to all victims who feel their personal safety or their children’s safety is at risk from further violence.

To access support with creating a safety plan or resources on cyber safety please contact our office. 

Preparing in advance for the possibility of the future violence is important. Although an individualized safety plan is not a guarantee of my personal safety, it can help by providing me with the knowledge and tools that will help to get myself and my children to safety.