The Mobile Emergency Response System (MERS) is a private-public sector alliance involving Victim Services Agencies (Members of the Ontario Network of Victim Service Providers) and the GPS Service Provider.  

The Mobile Emergency Response System is designed as GPS enabled intervention strategy to address the need to enhance the safety of individuals identified at risk of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and/or criminal harassment.  MERS is an example of a collaborative effort to enhance the mechanisms and strategies for safety for victims at risk of personal danger arising out of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking.  

Safety planning is a form of intervention that can make a very real difference for victims of crime.  For some victims, the initial impact is heightened by an ever present and real fear of continuing violence.  It is for these victims who are being stalked, assaulted, threatened and intimidated that safety planning is essential.  The mobile tracking device may be an important additional component to a full safety plan.

This personal tracking device can offer a safety solution to high risk victims of violence while at home or in the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The device has a panic button which when activated, sends an SOS signal to alert the police of the client’s location.


  • The client must be a resident of Haldimand/Norfolk/Mississaugas Of The Credit First Nation.

  • The client has made a complaint to police of physical violence or threats of violence.

  • The client is identified as a high risk individual with safety concerns.

  • The client is willing to complete the application process including a safety plan, stay in contact with Victim Services of Haldimand/ Norfolk/Mississaugas Of The Credit First Nation as needed and comply with instructions concerning the operation of MTS.

  • The client is willing to and does work cooperatively with the criminal justice system and follow through on criminal charges and other protection measures as suggested.

Other Considerations:

The client must consent to share information with appropriate agencies and to be monitored for the sole purpose of her/ his safety.  
Please be aware that MERS does not replace the security of a shelter or personal self- awareness and is only one part of the safety plan. MERS is a temporary device and will not guarantee safety.