What We Do

At Victim Services, we are known for our caring and compassionate seamless service delivery model that supports and provides appropriate referrals for victims through our well-developed and coordinated partnerships.  


Crisis Intervention

Victim Services of Haldimand-Norfolk-New Credit is an inclusive service that supports a diverse range of victims and their families in crisis.  We pride ourselves in being a site of excellence available to Victims of Crime and Tragic Circumstance.  We are the hub of the social services sector and the first point of contact for victims. Victim Services provides both short term and longer-term intervention as required. 

Statistics have shown that the earlier individuals are offered intervention after a critical incident the sooner they are able to start on their journey to healing. Crisis intervention is not counselling but rather a therapeutic relationship that recognizes the importance of advocacy...

“Because no one should stand alone.”
— Victim Services of Haldimand-Norfolk-New Credit