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24/7 Victim Support Line

Because no one should stand alone.


Safety Planning

Safety planning is an active process where each individual safety plan created requires ongoing review and revision as situations and risks influencing your safety or your children’s safety can change at any time.


The Victim Quick Response Program - VQRP

VQRP offer timely financial compensation to victims of the most violent crimes, who have no other financial means to access the help they need for emergency expenses, funeral expenses and counselling.


The Mobile Emergency Response System - MERS

MERS is a private-public sector alliance involving Victim Services Agencies (Members of the Ontario Network of Victim Service Providers) and the GPS Service Provider.


Benevolent Fund

The objective of this fund is to provide a coordinated effort between service providers and the Ministerial groups to assist individuals struggling with issues of poverty, while addressing sustainability and accountability.  Victim Services will address financial needs that exceed provincial funding mandates or maximums and coordinate with other social services to advocate for sustainable change. This service is clearly meant to be a “Hand Up, Not a Hand Out”.


Emergency Accommodation 

Volunteers endeavor to coordinate a one night stay for individuals and families who find themselves in need of emergency accommodation. The clients are followed up by Health Social Services & Housing Advocate for longer-term housing solutions. The clients are referred mainly by Police.